big baby cot Big baby cot

Your baby is suddenly becoming a toddler.

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  • Time to graduate from baby cot to big bed. Here are some useful tips to help your child adapt easier. Your little baby is growing up. Most parents have lots of questions on how to make this transition smoother and more efficient for their children. With good reason, some children adapt to it quite easily while others require a bit more time and patience.

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  • Resident child expert and the author of Bringing Baby Home, Chris Minogue, shares her tips on how to help your child make the big move. Identify the right time for your child to transition The right time to make the transition from the baby crib to big bed might vary from child to child.

    To help with the transition, Chris recommends removing old items like sleeping bags or dummies. Reassure your child of your presence and constant support. Then, walk out of their room. Most children will have no problem adapting as long as they keep the same bedtime routine. Repetition vs negotiation Once your child realises they can get up whenever they want to, they will surely test their limits.

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    When they get up, Chris recommends using repetition instead of negotiation. Repetition will also help you be firm with your decision. Just a heads up!

    For the first few nights you might have to repeat this step a lot. So, parents, be prepared with a great deal of patience.

    Lockable castors, if it has any A close-fitting mattress. On the current evidence, researchers do not recommend dummies to reduce the risk of cot death. Cons Not really a money-saver if you plan to have another baby soon, as you will need to buy another cot.

    The good news is the message will eventually get through. Your only option is to follow-through and actually put them in the cot. Next time they will know what will happen if they keep getting out of bed and they will slowly start to understand.

    Designing, making and delivering for free everything ourselves lets us keep the costs down which makes for happy parents and comfy babies.. Bright illustrations will appeal to toddlers.

    Get a childproof gate If all these tips have no effect on your toddler, you can always try putting a childproof gate on their door to keep them safe during the night.

    We've set the limits around going to bed, we've had our story-kiss-cuddle, [put them] into bed, left the room and created the same environment [as before]. Is your child ready to transition into a big bed?

    big baby cot Big baby cot

    Try out these effective tips and load up on your patience. It will all be worth it in the end!



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