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It a lot easier than you might think, and this tutorial will walk you through the details of putting this great system on your Pi. We going to be doing it at the MySQL prompt, but don get intimidated, it really easy.

TO This will grant this user the ability to modify the database as needed. Using MySQL from the prompt is pretty scary at first, but it really simple stuff when you get used to it. Drupal Install The first thing you want to do is copy the default settings for your site. For me it was: Since you haven yet installed Drupal it will take you to an install screen. Select an installation profile For this we choose — Install with commonly used features pre-configured Step 2: Choose Language Most likely English, which is built in.

Verifying Requirements You shouldn see any problems here. If you get a message saying Drupal cannot modify your files, run the following command: Database configuration Here is where we will put in our database information we created earlier.

I had to complain regularly before they did anything. Resale value is quite high too. I even took photos.

Database Name — The name you gave your database called it drupal Database username — the name of the account you created Database password — the password of that username Click save and continue. This may take a little while, as it creates your database and installs modules.

Configure Drupal Now that it installed you should see a configuration page. For your site configuration fill in the following info: Site name — Jeremy Drupal Sandbox whatever you want to call it Site e-mail address — Your email Address Password — A secure password, different from your database password!

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  • Default Timezone — Your time zone Then again click Save and continue You can now view your new website! Feel free to browse around and play with it, it the only way to learn. I be adding some more articles pertaining to Drupal soon. Conclusion I hope this has helped you get Drupal installed on your Raspberry Pi. I noticed it a little sluggish on mine, but it to be expected.

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    It actually isn too bad for development, but I wouldn reccomend it for a production site. The point of the Raspberry Pi is education, so tutorials like this show the power this device is giving you, being able to host a Drupal site on this tiny thing is amazing. Good luck with your projects, and if you have any issues, let me know in the comments! One of the first things I thought to do was to see if I could make a Raspberry Pi web server.

    Being a web developer and overall geek I figured it might be kind of fun to do, and as I found out it really easy. Getting Started Get notified when new tutorials are released! Setting up a Web Server on this device really isn much different from any other Linux machine, but there are a couple things you want to do in order to get it working right.

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  • The first thing you want to do is get the Raspian Wheezy Image from here. As you probably guessed this is a custom Debian image for the Pi. You may want to also enable the SSH server if that how you going to be accessing the device.

    boori sleigh royale cot bed ebay Boori sleigh royale cot bed ebay

    There are other options there you can adjust, including overclocking. You can overclock this device, but I wouldn recommend it. With a web server setup like this you not going to see any real gains, but you be reducing the life of the CPU and creating instability. After you saved your settings reboot the device. Now you want to update your firmware and software.

    boori sleigh royale cot bed ebay Boori sleigh royale cot bed ebay

    Inside that file put the following code: Module Save it, and load it up in your browser, it should look something like this: You ready to go! Summary This isn too much different from any other web server install with a few minor tweaks, and updating the device.

    But I thought I share it for those willing to try it out. This is for hacker fun only, I wouldn recommend using this for any real commercial website but there plenty you could do with this as a webserver just to experiment and play. On the other hand I haven really tested it thoroughly it might be a decent option for hosting smaller sites for all I know. I be doing some other cool experiments with this device and documenting it here.

    I love hearing feedback so if you have any questions or comments send them my way! Do you want to be notified every time a new tutorial is posted?

    I haven't used the new one yet, but I can't see myself being disappointed. Postage and packaging This item will post to United Kingdom, but the seller hasn't specified postage options. There are 1 items available.

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