cot bed mattress next Cot bed mattress next

The Mother Nurture Cot Mattress makes every sleeping moment a truly rejuvenating time for any toddler that has had a busy playing day. The mattress is designed to offer a firm, safe, and supportive surface, which is waterproof and comfortable for newborns as well as older infants.

Mother Nurture Cot Mattress contains Bonnell spring units, which are encased in nursery foam and covered in stocking net. The Bonnell springs and high-grade foam give the mattress a firm form that can comfortably support the weight of your child and spine in the ideal position.

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  • The foam is dent resistant and tough enough to offer the desired firmness. The mattress is covered using quilted hypo-allergenic cover, which is removable and waterproof.

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    The cover is ideal for most babies that wet their cot-you do not have to get worried about spills or bed-wetting anymore! Also, the cover can be cleaned at temperatures of up to 60 degrees by hand or machine-wash. Subjecting the mattress cover to high temperatures while cleaning it help in killing mites and bacteria, which often cause some forms of allergies. The mattress is considered hypo-allergenic and your child can be safe from allergies that include eczema and asthma.

    Run your hands over the frame — does it feel smooth and well made? If there are any transfers or stickers on the insides of the cot, you'll need to remove them, as they may pose a choking hazard if peeled off. This is important because you may end up paying more if complications emerge that are related to sleep sessions.

    The cover of the mattress also has bound edges and its core has an adjustable inner water resistant lining. The inner lining is important because it prevents spilt liquids from seeping into the core of the mattress.

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jun Get into the groove! That includes a description of the inner materials of the mattresses, although admittedly it doesn't give percentages so it could just be a couple of strands of the luxurious fabrics.

    The lining can also move in line with the movements of your child without much resistance. The bound edges make the mattress more durable and resilient to wear and tear from playful toddlers.

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  • The mattress is also breathable and thus more hygienic and safe for your child. So what are the pros and cons of Mother Nurture cot mattresses? Pros Mother Nurture cot mattresses are made without fire retardants such as arsenic, phosphorus, and antimony. As such, you can be sure your child is safe from these degradable chemicals that can be inhaled and lead to harm.

    This brand of mattresses also meets all the mattress manufacture requirements set by the UK to meet the British standards under BS The waterproof mattress cover is removable and it has an excellent fit that has no gaps and thus making cleaning of the mattress easy.

    As a sprung cot mattress, the Mother Nurture brand is highly likely to last longer than foam coat mattresses that easily dip and sag.

    cot bed mattress next Cot bed mattress next

    The mattress can fit into all regular-sized cots. Cons Unlike the foam mattresses that are relatively cheap, the Mother Nurture cot mattresses are a little expensive; because of the inclusion of Bonnelli spring units.

    Anything else you should know? As a first-time buyer you should be wary of cheap imitations of Mother Nurture mattresses, which bear similar branding and looks, but are made of sub-standard materials. It is prudent to deal with well-known mattress dealers to avoid such occurrences and ensure that you get the best deal for your hard-earned cash. My view I often opt for expensive products because of a simple logic — it is not commonplace to find imitations being sold at a high price.

    It is also highly likely that the higher the price, the higher the quality of the product. But since I needed to change the mattress for my second child, I went into the market a little more curious when I came across this brand, which was somehow reasonably priced alternative.

    I chose to take the risk, and I am glad that I found the quality to be amazing.

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  • There might be no harm after all in buying cheap! Price may be an important consideration, but when thinking about baby cot mattresses , safety and health override all other factors, and you should be more concerned as a parent about the safety and health of your child rather than the money.

    This is important because you may end up paying more if complications emerge that are related to sleep sessions. Therefore, if you are looking for a breathable, waterproof, firm, supportive, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly cot mattress that meets British standards, think Mother Nurture as the perfect choice.



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