cot bed new zealand Cot bed new zealand

Safety Accidents with electrically adjustable carebeds are mainly due to electrical safety faults and failure to comply with safety-related dimensions of the side lattices.

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Federal Institute for Pharmaceutical Products and Medical Devices BfArM Kayserbetten, as manufacturers of medical devices, produce carebeds for children in accordance with the standards of the medical devices guidelines, which are regulated by the German Act on Medical Devices and in accordance with the guidelines for care aids that are specified by the Central Association of Health Insurance Companies.

The following norms apply: Here, the limits are defined for all gap widths and spacing of a side lattice to minimise the danger of entrapment. Another important requirement of this norm is that the locking devices have to be at least mm apart. If this is not possible, e. The second action must be dependent on the first action. Unlock the side lattice safeguard red circle 2. Pull the locking devices inwards simultaneously Furthermore, a hinge system has been developed for our doors with which we can reduce the danger of entrapment to a minimum.

We use only selected beech wood, high quality fittings from well-known manufacturers and locking mechanisms developed and produced by our company. Safety of the electrics and surfaces The electrical safety of KayserBeds is guaranteed by the following features: When the hand switch is not activated power disconnected state all electrical components of the bed are disconnected from the mains and therefore no electricity is used.

Electric and magnetic fields in the bed are prevented. Primary fuse on power plug Maintenance-free DC motors and manual safety switch, low voltage Emergency lowering in the case of power failure Surfaces As Kayserbetten are the only manufacturer of wooden carecots, they provide a coating that seals the surfaces for maximum hygiene.

Unlike open surfaces waxed or oiled , this coating protects against liquids and dirt. Behavviour under chemical exposure. The surface can be cleaned with common cleaning and disinfection products. With this, KayserBeds are not only excellent for use at home - they can be used in the clinical field too. The tests carried out on the paints used guarantees that there are no health risks in connection with sucking, licking and swallowing parts of the surface coating, based on the following norms: The manufacturer guarantees that the product is free of manufacturing and material defects.

The guarantee amounts to 24 months and starts with the delivery date. We will give guarantee for the delivered goods in that way that we will either repair or replace those parts free of charge, when it is proved that they are damaged or useless because of manufacturing and material defects within the guarantee time.

The client has to return the delivery item at his expense. Costs for transport or assembly cannot be refunded.

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  • I no longer had to bend down and lift him up and out of his cot, twisting my back in the process - a huge relief after such a long time with an inappropriate sleeping set up. Not only does the Genie provide a safe and comfortable bed for our child, but also ease of care for us as parents.

    He wakes during the night regularly and often requires adult help resettling to sleep. In a cot, I had to remove him and place him in bed with me.

    cot bed new zealand Cot bed new zealand

    Once he was asleep, I could not leave him - as he was unsafe if he woke - so I spent many nights sharing a bed with a restless child. The Genie has enabled me to lie down beside him, resettle him, and then close the doors behind me, as I sneak back to my own bed knowing he is safe should he wake again. Sleep is vital to all parents, so getting more of it in my own bed without our child is priceless.

    Where multibuy discounts are available only one may be used per order. It also has all-important safety teething rails.

    Another wonderful feature for us has been the two-direction tilt. Regardless of which direction our child falls asleep, we can tilt him on an appropriate angle to aide his severe reflux. Our child recently had major hip surgery, which required the use of a special brace for 6 weeks. He was only comfortable sleeping in a semi-upright position, so our Genie was invaluable. The five-section sleeping platform enabled us to create a customised sleeping position for him and helped us all through a very difficult time.

    cot bed new zealand Cot bed new zealand

    The maximum height of the Genie makes transfers in and out of bed much easier on our backs. The lowest position will eventually enable our child to transfer into bed by himself.

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  • The bi-fold doors move smoothly and have an excellent locking mechanism. The Perspex windows are aesthetically pleasing and less enclosing than all wooden uprights. The service we received through Medifab has been outstanding. They have answered all questions quickly via either phone or email and have sent us excellent information outlining their products. The personal service they provided for installation of the bed was a real bonus. The Genie has really changed my life!

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  • I love it and so does our son. Feedback from Therapist on the Genie Bed "The bed has been a huge success. The space is so much better than his cot and the elevation has been everything his carer hoped for. I think it is very useful for the right child. I thought the service from Medifab was fantastic regarding delivery and installation.

    It was stone cold. She also discovered a paper had been published in New Zealand following a nationwide study of more than 2, infants over three years which found infants placed on their backs to sleep were at the lowest risk of SIDS.

    Also the pre sales advice was great and much appreciated. At Medifab, we find solutions to the most complicated problems. Please get in touch, we love to help out!



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