grey cot bed valance Grey cot bed valance
grey cot bed valance Grey cot bed valance

Most of the cute stuff seems to come in sets, but the sets include things that may or may not kill your baby in her sleep, like crib bumpers. And the matching sets are often SO babyish, completely unable to grow up with a kid into early childhood. So I decided to make my own crib skirts. I think they turned out great: I initially followed a pattern for the first skirt, found parts of it confusing, redundant, or unnecessary, and decided to simplify the process for the second skirt.

Sew along the upper edge of the fold, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of each hem: All our products are made in the European Union, including fabrics! Must be kept away from fire.

I figured other folks might be interested in a super easy tutorial of my method for making a modern crib skirt, so here it is: There are no gathers, no pleats, noting complicated.

If you can cut and sew a straight line, you can do this, I promise. Also, I took the trouble to make this skirt with French seams, encasing all the edges of the fabric, so a serger is not necessary for keeping your crib skirt from raveling in the wash. It should be sturdy enough to last for years.

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Cut out your pieces from the fabric: Sew along the upper edge of the fold, making sure to backstitch at the beginning and end of each hem: It may help to pin the corners where the fabric is bulky because of the bottom hem: After you have hemmed the bottom and sides of each skirt panel, fold the deck lengthwise and gently press a crease down the center: Can you sort of see the crease in that picture?

Line up the center of one skirt panel with the center of the deck, right sides of each facing OUT.

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  • Sew the two pieces together, sewing very close to the edge: Fold over, encasing the edge of the first seam within the fold. Stitch seam again, sewing close to the edge: Repeat process to sew panel to other short end of deck.

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  • Starting at one edge, line up the corner of one skirt piece with the corner of one long side of the deck, again both right sides facing OUT. Pin in place along edge: Match the corner of another skirt panel up with the other end of this side of the deck and pin in place.

    The two panels will overlap in the center: As with the short sides, sew very close to the edge, press seam open, fold over to enclose cut edges, and stitch again to create a French seam.

    Super high amount of views. All our padded products are also washable in the washing machine including bumpers, toy baskets, swaddle wraps, duvets and duvet fillings. Andersen's fairy tale 'Holger the Dane' from , which is inspired by the European mythical character of the same name.

    Repeat on other side of the deck with the last two remaining skirt panels. Put your crib skirt on your crib and admire your handiwork:

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