cheap baby cots with mattress and drawer Cheap baby cots with mattress and drawer

By Sonali Hindmarch In a nutshell Really good value for money and bigger than the other bedside cribs on the market. But NICE guidelines state that the safest place for your baby to sleep for the first 6 months is in his or her own cot in your room. Are bedside cribs the perfect compromise? That depends on the parent; bedside cribs can be attached to your bed, their height can be adjusted so that they are level with your mattress and they have drop-down sides so you can easily reach your baby.

There are a few different bedside cribs on the market, both available to buy and rent.

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  • You can also find out what won the gold medal by clicking the link. As a London mum to a 3-week-old, Theo, like a lot of people who live in a city, I have limited living space. It consists of an upper body with mesh walls, a mattress, separate legs and feet with wheels, and a carry-bag so the cot can be easily moved from room-to-room or used as a travel cot.

    How do you assemble the Chicco Next2Me crib? My husband assembled the Next 2 Me in about 10 minutes in a sleep-deprived and distracted state my waters had just broken! It took him about 8 of those 10 minutes to figure out how to start because the instructions were badly written.

    But, once assembled, the cot felt sturdy and well made. How does the Chicco Next2Me fit to the bed?

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  • The crib also has 6 different height positions, so whatever the height of your bed, you can adjust it to match. Is the Next2Me crib comfortable for babies? Yes, it seems to be so, my son liked to sleep in it. You could buy a separate mattress if you were unhappy with the one it comes with. How was using it at night? Using the Next 2 Me is easy. I can imagine how useful this ease of access would be for mums who have had a C-section and want to avoid lifting and getting in and out of bed.

    Who is the Chicco Next 2 Me best for? Even though I live in London, I like its size as I can see myself using it until my baby is 6 months old.

    cheap baby cots with mattress and drawer Cheap baby cots with mattress and drawer

    However, in order for it to comfortably be a co-sleeper, the side wall has to stay unzipped and tucked in between the Next 2 Me and my mattress. At first, this didn't bother me.

    The best for eco-conscious babies and parents Price: This cot bed is quite solid and sturdy.

    But now I realise that as Theo gets older and, when he can roll, it won't be ideal as I won't be able to leave him in unzipped it without me in the room. Can you travel with it? It comes with a carry bag, which means you can use it as a travel cot. Disassembled, the cot weights 9kg, which is fairly light, especially considering how solid it feels.

    Next 2 Me is sturdy and spacious, but the tricky assembly and larger size may be an issue for some. As the baby grows old the cot can be turned into a junior bed so it is something that can be used from birth till the child reaches around 4 years approximately Single handed drop side mechanism Its quite possible when there would be times when we have the baby in our arms fast asleep, and we need to lower them in the bed. The detachable layer adds a few pounds to the price but if allergies are a concern the resulting washability is invaluable.

    Co-sleeping is great for keeping baby close while following the NICE guidelines of being in a separate bed. Next 2 Me is sturdy and spacious, but the tricky assembly and larger size may be an issue for some.

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