baby cot converts to toddler bed Baby cot converts to toddler bed

Unlike some of the other parents who consider themselves not so lucky i. After all, she LOVED it and the last thing I needed when up with an infant all night was for my curious little toddler to come walking into my bedroom. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end and so must the crib. Wanting to increase her independence with potty training, while simultaneously wanting to provide my back some relief lifting a toddler in and out of a crib several times a day is tiring!

While this post may be relatively long, it is only because of the level of detail provided… guaranteed to save you MUCH time and frustration in the long-run.

Big Girl Bed I was feeling some relief. After months of toying with the idea, we had finally made the decision to move our toddler out of her crib. Little did I know, I had another big decision in front of me.

Feeling quite confident that this transition would be rather seamless given we had spent a few extra dollars when purchasing her convertible crib, we knew that we could easily convert her crib into either a toddler or full-sized bed down the road.

When to make the move to a big bed There's no 'right time' for transferring your child from a cot to a bed, but most parents tackle the move somewhere between 18 months and three years. Rapid return involves leading her back to bed every time she gets out, with as little fuss and attention as possible.

However, so was born yet another decision to be made- toddler bed vs. I can keep the same crib sized mattress. There would be no worrying that she will fall out of her bed.

We could snuggle in bed together during story time. More money up front would have to purchase a new mattress right away.

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  • Deciding Factor After comparing our pros and cons and talking with experienced parents, we decided to go directly to the full-sized bed. After crunching the numbers, it turns out we saved money in the long run. Additionally, we only had one transition to go through and turns out she did great! Lastly, the process of converting, baby-proofing, and remodeling was far more effective and easy than you may think.

    While I would be lying if I told you it was without any hurdles, they were few and far between.

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  • In fact, chances are that many of those reading may have a convertible crib without the appropriate conversion rails. If this sounds like you, you may have been doing endless Internet research and coming up short with findings.

    How do I know this? Because I was you! Heck, it even had TONS of reviews to back it. I had the brand of the crib Baby Cache but each brand has about a million specific crib names. All this means, is that if you click on one of those links and purchase something, I may receive a small commission. However, you will not pay a penny more- promise! So, I was back to the drawing board and growing frustrated. In a semi-panic parenting problem panic that is ; I decided to call the baby store and ask if they had any conversion rails.

    Of course, for the reason I listed above in 2 they told me they no longer sold those rails. They did tell me that they could order me the same colored rails in the same crib brand not crib specific but there was only a chance that it would fit. Oh and the best part, it would take weeks to be delivered. Lastly, the price would be triple that of the universal kit I just had tried.

    So yeah… not happening! Then like a ray of sunshine, my husband noticed that on the inside of the side pieces of the crib was a sticker with the specific crib name. And let me tell you….

    Do I Need a Boxspring? Instead, most conversion kits come with slats of wood that will run perpendicular to the conversion rails and allow for a mattress to sit on top. However, to note, not all conversion kits include these slats actually the universal one did not. Not feeling particularly handy? Pre-made slats can also be purchased here for a reasonable price. Purchasing a Mattress Around the same time I was researching conversion rails, I also began to think about a mattress.

    Why is Goldilocks and the three bears all of a sudden sticking out to me here ;. For the same reason I loved the ease of having my conversion rails delivered to my front door via Amazon , I knew I wanted the same with my mattress. As a busy parent, I must admit I had zero time for mattress shopping. Lastly, what I needed was a mattress that would ship directly to my door and ideally for no charge. For all these reasons and more, I fell in love with Leesa. Mattress Arrival Only days after ordering the mattress, the box was delivered to my front door.

    I was baffled when I saw just how small the box was in comparison to a full-sized mattress. After carrying the box into her room, I must admit I was a bit skeptical to believe that within this relatively small box, a plush mattress was housed Yet, my research told me that this mattress was unlike others in that it had three premium foam layers 2-inch Avena foam top layer for cooling and breathability, 2-inch memory foam middle layer for body contouring, and 6-inch dense core support foam for durability and edge support.

    I loved and continue to love the fact that it is by far the most comfortable mattress I have ever laid on. If you are interested in purchasing your own Leesa mattress but are a bit unsure about ordering a product online hey, I get it rest assured that Leesa offers a night risk-free trial with free shipping. Furthermore, be sure and enter code: Just a friendly parenting tip… the last thing you want to do is damage a beautiful mattress after your child has an inevitable bedtime accident or two or 2 million.

    A few different elements and factors were considered before initiating the remodel. I ended up choosing an overall look that incorporated butterflies, soft colors and easily interchangeable features i.

    baby cot converts to toddler bed Baby cot converts to toddler bed

    When I was pregnant with my daughter I painted the white and gold tree pictured. For this reason, I decided to incorporate the tree into the overall look, adding 3D butterflies for an updated look that complemented her bedding. Additionally, I moved around as many photos i. I was able to create this entire look with only a few purchases i.

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