toddler cot portable travel bed Toddler cot portable travel bed

Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed Hiccapop Inflatable toddler bed is designed for those toddlers who love to enjoy the comfortable sleep anytime and anywhere. We have listed this travel toddler bed as the best one because of its features, which aims to make the traveling process with your toddler unbelievably simpler.

Safety Bumpers for Extra Security These travel beds for toddlers is designed to provide the extra safety. As children under 5 years old sleep very carelessly, therefore, they tend to jump out the mattress and hurt themselves. Additionally, the mattress is made up of velvet flocked which helps to ensure the comfortable sleep for your toddler. If your toddlers love to sleep in the crib then, you can also remove the crib sheet and place it on the Hiccapop inflate mattress for providing the better sleep.

Transition Bed These travel beds for toddlers can easily be transformed into the transition bed. If your toddler has reached the age of 2 and now they are unable to extend their legs in the crib then, all you need to do is shift them on the travel bed.

Certified by federal standards for child safety. Comes with the electric pump that not only inflates the mattress but also deflates Longer usability: The Shrunks Junior Toddler Travel Bed If you and your child hate the squeaky noises of the inflatable mattress which is caused due to body movement then, The Shrunks Junior Toddler bed is here to solve your problem.

This travel bed is not only known for providing the sleeping comfort to your toddler, it also reduces the hassle of inflating the bed with hand pumpers. We found this bed pretty amazing and safe for the toddlers because of its safety features, unique design, and long-lasting material. Perfect Quality Bed The Shrunks travel beds for toddlers are known for providing the safest material to the kids which is potential free from the harmful BPA, Phthalates, and lead.

Right Size for Longer Toddlers This travel bed for a toddler is best for the kid of every size. As the size of the kids varies, therefore, it is important to buy the bed which can fit all the sizes.

The cm long size of the Shrunks bed aims to properly fit in the kids without reducing the comfort level.

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  • Safety Rails The safety rails play important role in determining the usability of the product and the signature safety rails of this toddler bed are designed for those parents who are always worried about the falling of their kids. Pros The portable bed which inflates in 60 seconds only. Users are supposed to carry extra storage bag.

    This bed can easily be folded and stored in the luggage without any difficulty. We found this bed good for the toddlers because it tends to provide good safety to kids back and neck. Easy Setup Travel Bed As compared to the inflatable travel bed, the folding bed can easily be set up in lesser time. Though the folding facility of this travel bed is highly amazing, however, some parents reviewed that this bed is unable to fit in the crib sheets, therefore, kids take time to get adjusted to the bed.

    Removable Padding for Easy Clean The paddings of this travel bed can easily be removed and cleaned for ensuring the safe and bacteria free sleep for the kids. As compared to inflatable bed, folding beds are better in terms of saving time and cleanliness. The bumpers are made up of cotton material which can easily be removed and adjusted during the assembling process.

    Pros Smart traveling bed with comfortable mattress Lightweight and provide good safety to toddlers with comfy side bumpers Comes with the easy traveling facility. The AeroBed Air mattress consists of the amazing features which are not only designed to provide security to the kids but also high-end convenience to the parents.

    High on Safety Buying a travel bed for toddler means that you are supposed to pay extra attention to the safety. The AeroBed Air mattress is designed to ensure the incredible safety of the toddler with the help of its cushioned inflatable material that helps in reducing the accidental jumping or falling off the kids. Washable Mattress with Attractive Designing Finding travel beds for toddlers which can be washed and re-used is surely an achievement.

    The mattress that comes with the AeroBed Air is not only soft and cozy in nature, however, it can also be washed thus promoting good and safe sleeping environment for the kids. Additionally, the star and moon design of the mattress largely helps in gaining the attention of the kids. Easy Inflate and Deflate Facility This Inflatable bed by AeroBed Air can easily be inflated with the help of AC pump within a matter of seconds and when it comes to deflating then, this product has won our trust.

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  • This bed can easily be deflated within 15 seconds thus reducing the pack up hassles. Pros Can work as the twin bed Can be inflated in 60 seconds with fast working pump Highly affordable mattress with better safety.

    PVC construction for added security Long lasting material with durable workability. They are not only known for providing good sleeping experience to the toddlers but also help in providing the comfort to the toddlers back.

    Overall, this travel bed becomes successful in winning our trust, however, the lack of raised bumpers or security rails has posed certain doubts on the overall security of the bed for those children who tend to jump out of the bed unconsciously. Tuck-in Sheet Facility The tuck-in facility of this travel bed helps in reducing the chances of slipping or sneaky voices which are caused due to the body rolling.

    For assembling the bed, you only need to inflate the bed, fit in the sheet of your own choice and enjoy the cozy sleeping environment. Twin Size for Kids And Single for Youth The Shrunks Travel bed are known for their multi-purpose offering which actually aims to increase the overall life of the bed. You can use this bed for your toddlers and after that, you can easily use this bed for yourself or your friends without any difficulty.

    Pros Can be used by adults also because of taller size. Consists of the safe material for reducing the health issues Provides the comfortable sleeping experience to the toddlers Comes with tuck-in sheets facility.

    Cons Low on security, lack of bumpers Users might face problems while pumping the bed. This travel bag for toddlers not only ensure the high safety for the kids, however, helps the parents with the overall setup process. Safety Bumpers The raised bumpers of this travel bed for toddlers aims to reduce the jumping out the tension between the parents.

    Kids can easily adjust inside the bed and get the best sleep. Additionally, the safety bumpers consist of the high-quality cushions which aim to protect the kids head while the bump on the bed.

    Can Adjust Twin Kids This travel bed can easily adjust two kids of the standard size. If you have two kids and planning to play anytime soon then, this best should be your first priority. Though we surely like this travel bed, however, the lack of crib fitting features increases the adjustment time for the toddlers.

    Best travel bassinet and best travel bed for toddler overview A portable bassinet is a great sleeping solution for babies up to 3 — 6 months of age. This is dependent on the age of your child, but for younger children, choosing a bed with sides is obviously going to be safer than one without. The mattresses can withstand more than lbs which means more than one child can sit on it at a time before having to worry that they are going to cause the mattress to deflate.

    For pumping the bed, you hardly need few seconds and same goes for the deflating of the bed. Additionally, the compact design of the bed makes the storage process very convenient.

    Can easily fit in the travel bag or the suitcase Nest-like shape promotes the comfortable feeling Easy to step up with puncture proof facility. Cons Limited working at the time. Bambino Bed — Inflatable Toddler Bed The Bambino bed is added to our list because of its advanced pumping and security features which aim to make the sleeping experience incomparable for the toddler.

    Overall, this travel bed for toddlers has the reliable features, however, some customer claimed that the product also holds the deflation powers because of the thin mattress material. The crib sheet fitting facility helps the parents in reducing the chances of jet-lag or insomnia while traveling.

    Perfect Sleeping Place for Toddlers Finding the perfect bed for the toddlers where they can easily sleep is indeed a great achievement. The most important thing which matters is the comforting feature and the inflatable pillow of the Bambino bed is designed to make the sleeping process easier.

    The pillow also reduces the issue of carrying the separate pillows for kids. High on Safety The Bambino bed consists of the safe material which is potential free from the harmful substances such as BPA, lead and other material which are capable of posing the health issues for the kids.

    Additionally, the raised bumpers of the travel bed aim to protect the kids against the danger of falling down. Pros Electric pump reduces the pumping hassles Durable mattress material for protecting the toddlers back and neck The lower mattress inflated part makes the mattress highly comfortable Cons Chances of deflation or leakage. Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable Airbed If you are looking for the inflatable mattress for kids as well as the adults then, you should go for the Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable material makes the sleeping experience amazing.

    The mattress of the inflatable bed is extremely soft and comes with the repair patch facility. Basic yet comfortable Design The Basic yet comfortable design of the Intex Cozy Kidz Inflatable material is designed for those people who are looking for the comfortable material at the affordable price.

    Though the outlook of the bed is not very alluring, however, its cozy material forced us to include this bed on our list. Secured and Approved Material The material of the inflatable bed is approved by the leading authorities thus making this toddler bed suitable for those kids who are used to of bumping their head or chewing the bedsides. Comes in multiple colors: Blue, orange, and Green Waterproof texture makes the cleaning process easier and helps to avoid the smelling Comfortable sleeping place for kids above 15 months Highly affordable mattress.

    Hand pumper increases the setup time. Lack of raised bumpers increasing the falling chances Might go flat due to the improper manual pumping KidsTime Baby Travel Bed The KidsTime baby travel bed is designed for those people who are looking for the small yet pretty looking mattress for their 18 months older kids.

    This best is included into our list because of its safety measures and the netting function which aims to protect child against the environmental factors which are common while traveling Foldable and Portable Travel Bed The easy folding feature of this travel bed for toddler helped us in labeling this bed as the best option. This best can easily be folded and placed in the luggage for making the traveling easier.

    Though we totally like the outlook and texture of the bed, however, its compact size limits the usage of the bed significantly.

    Attractive and Safe Design The attractive pink color of the bed with secured railing makes this bed right option for the kids. This bed aims to control the inside bed crawling of the kids and also aims to protect them against the mosquitoes and other harmful insects.

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    Pros Works as the crib as well as the folding mattress for better traveling Nice outlook and comfortable texture for toddlers Comes with the net for protecting the child against insects Instant setup for easy traveling. Cons Limited workability and the shorter lifespan Not suitable for the children above 18 months Can lead to suffocation because of netting Worlds Apart Junior Ready Bed If you are looking for the mattress which could easily fit in the small room and can help in putting your toddler to sleep for the shorter naps then, you should go to this bed.

    toddler cot portable travel bed Toddler cot portable travel bed

    Although, the outlook of the bed is super cute and can help in attracting the attention, however, there are certain cons in the product which makes it the last option for the decision makers.

    Its easy storage facility with a manual pump can make your life easier and can help you in putting your toddler to sleep without any difficulty.

    toddler cot portable travel bed Toddler cot portable travel bed

    Pros The lower mattress inflated part makes the mattress comfortable Nice and cute design with upper sheets Compact and highly portable Perfect for the short toddler naps Cons Might become flat every several usages Safety issues because of lack of bumper facility The pumping system is quite disturbing Bottom Line We totally understand that selecting the best travel bed for your toddler could be a quite difficult stuff.

    However, if you plan to follow the above guide then, it would relatively easy for you to make the right decision based on the comfort of your child, their sleeping habits, and safety. Make us aware of leaving your comments below.

    The mattress inflates in less than 5 minutes using the a specific pump sold separately by Leaps and Bounds. The mattress is non-toxic, BPA Safe and lead-free.



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