adjustable height cot Adjustable height cot

UNO side crib is the perfect solution for those who appreciate the comfort of being close to the baby to watch every precious moment of its development. The lightest side crib on the market weighing 6 kg aluminum structure May be attached to the parents' bed May be used as a free-standing travel cot Soft mattress with dimensions: It guarantees stability and safety, both when attached to the parents' bed, as well as used independently.

Another big bonus is its very reasonable price tag, giving you the flexibility to buy additional matching nursery furniture from their collection. Its out of stock in my area but available at my in-laws. Maclaren Techno XLR carry cot available only online at www.

Its 5-step height adjustment makes it suitable both for low and high beds. A great advantage of the crib is the lightweight aluminium frame, which ensures comfort and easy transport. UNO may be intuitively folded and unfolded, which makes it is easy to store. It is a unique solution, especially for small apartments, where limited space may create some problems.

UNO meets the needs of a child and parent.

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  • It is produced in a trendy grey colour that responds to the latest design trends, fitting perfectly to modern apartments arranged by young parents. Therefore, we do not indicate a particular weight, as this activity is dependent on the individual child's motor development. Well-slept nights With UNO side crib you can feed the baby at night without having to get up. The rhythm of sleep of a child in the first weeks of life is radically different compared to adults.

    Mel Argos What size is Changing Mat top? Factor in the cost of a mattress Mattresses are almost always an add-on.

    Adjustable backrest angle UNO has adjustable height — its side may be lifted up to two levels , which is very useful e. However, after fastening it serves as a separate crib, so allows for a gradual separation, thus affecting the normal cognitive development of the child, varied in different periods of life.

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    The rhythm of sleep and wakefulness plays a key role in the development of the child. During sleep the growth hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland.

    adjustable height cot Adjustable height cot

    Also the immune system works more intensively, affecting the child's immunity. Peaceful sleep UNO side crib is made of high quality materials, pleasant to the child.

    adjustable height cot Adjustable height cot

    It is equipped with a soft mattress that ensures comfort. A mesh window maintains air circulation and thanks to the included mosquito net the child will be protected against insects. The cover can be easily removed and is suitable for machine wash.

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