dark brown cot Dark brown cot

The artistic and comfort design of the cot ensures your baby enjoys the sleeping hours. The cradle that comes along with the cot can be used individually or inside the cot.

III did three coats and it took 6 cans of spray paint. For nurseries that are more vintage or traditional, iron or sleigh style wooden cots work beautifully well.

Full of unique features and sturdy in make this cot with cradle is easy to assemble and makes an ideal choice for your little one. Assembling of the cot is hassle free as it comes with a detailed instruction manual sheet and the required hardware fixtures Click Here to view PDF Sturdy and durable: Baby's safety has always been given the first priority and thus the cot has been designed in accordance.

What about height for the sides and for the mattress? Salons need to bleach their towels used for manicures and pedicures to keep them sanitary for the next customer. III did three coats and it took 6 cans of spray paint.

The sturdy wooden frame of the cot ensures that the baby is safe and comfortable 2 in 1 Convertibility: The strong and sturdy frame of the cot ensures an easy and convenient conversion to a day bed by following easy steps Day Bed: The cot features easy folding side rails, so that parents can have easy accessibility to the child. As the side railing of the bed can be folded down, the cot can be easily converted to a day bed for use as the child grows Cradle: The cradle can be used individually or can be fixed inside the cot.

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  • The cradle features netted sides for better ventilation and breatheability Mosquito Net: Both the cot as well as the cradle feature a mosquito net which provide the necessary protection from pests. The cot features an overhead mosquito net, whereas the bassinet cum cradle features a foldable mosquito net Wheels with Lock: The cot as well as the cradle features wheels for easy movement around the house.

    dark brown cot Dark brown cot

    The wheels also feature lock which ensure that the cot and cradle stay stable for added safety Storage The cot contains a storage board below the sleeping board which provides a great amount of storage space.

    This storage space is secured with 2 doors with knobs for compact storage of the child's essentials.

    dark brown cot Dark brown cot

    Apart from that, the footbed railing of the cot can be folded down and converted to a tray to place extra essentials Note: Mix of Taxes and discount may change depending the amount of tax being borne by the Company.

    However, the final price as charged from customer will remain same.

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