small wooden cot Small wooden cot

Oliver Furniture BedsOliver Furniture designs and manufactures wooden furniture designed for modern families' needs. A brand based on the old Scandinavian traditions of woodworking, offering products with a contemporary design, tested over time.

He launched his first romantic collection of furniture for adults in ; in that collection was joined by the first line dedicated to children, always with the same, unmistakable style. Since t Oliver Furniture BedsOliver Furniture designs and manufactures wooden furniture designed for modern families' needs.

Since then, the Scandinavian brand has been extremely successful and has developed a wide network of retailers in Scandinavia, Germany and also in the rest of Europe. That of Oliver Furniture is a beautiful, delicate, simple and almost poetic universe and its clever mix of delicate colours and wood is absolutely lovely and suitable for any style.

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  • The power of nature and its passion are beautifully illustrated in his drawings, as well as in the style of his furniture. His main source of inspiration is the simplicity of summer life, that of the days spent outdoor in contact with fresh air and nature. The concept at the base of his projects is that anything can be reshaped over time in order to accompany the children while they grow up without having to constantly change the furnishings.

    All creations signed by Oliver Furniture are characterized by a lightness and a simplicity that reflect very much the casual style of those who live freely in the open air. Although his furniture is very simple in design, lines and surfaces, it has the ability to create a pleasant and cozy atmosphere typical of the Scandinavian mentality and lifestyle.

    small wooden cot Small wooden cot

    Just a few items created by Oliver Furniture and you will be able to create an authentic atmosphere, with a quiet mood, sober and intimate like that of typical Nordic homes. Due to the simplicity of the furniture, the brand has an incredible ability to adapt to a classic style as well as to a more contemporary one.

    Oliver Furniture is the perfect combination of functionality and aesthetics, a brand destined to become the favourite of both children and parents. The style he has developed over the years has also a nostalgic touch, longing for a return to the simple life of the past.

    All details have been simplified; curves and decorations tend to disappear; but the charm and purity of the forms are always the same. Furniture has a well-defined function, but being very simple in design, it adapts with no effort to large or small environments. The collection dedicated to the kids is very special because this furniture has the same lightness and the same style of the romantic collection designed for adults.

    The kids' furniture, in fact, is designed with the same dedication to detail that Oliver Furniture has put in accessories for adults. He believes for example, that children should have their own furniture in the living room, so as to learn from the beginning the concept of autonomy.

    In following this philosophy, the kids collection is very similar to the one created for adults and the two different lines perfectly match each other. The brand's design is characterized by the happy and successful contrast between northern oak elements and elegant classic white lines: During the day, this multifunctional piece of furniture can be used as a cosy couch, by adding pillows and throws.

    In the evening instead, it turns into a comfortable single bed.

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    The sofa bed Wood is a perfect solution for a holiday house, for the bedroom of a teenager or for the guest room. The antique wooden furniture from the innovative Danish design designed by Oliver Furniture, offering a wide range of possibilities to set-up your home.

    The expression is the one classic of Nordic style, but more modern and characterized by simple and pure lines. The Seaside console is a classic piece of furniture with a simple, elegant and refined silhouette; it also comes with two comfortable drawers. It is perfect in the hall, study, bedroom or living room with its Nordic style that easily adapts to any decoration style, from the most modern to a more traditional.

    The custom of the " bed of justice " upon which the king of France reclined when he was present in parliament , the princes being seated, the great officials standing, and the lesser officials kneeling, was held to denote the royal power even more than the throne. So much gold was used that the velvet scarcely showed.

    Functional and resistant furniture, furnishing elements that we can reuse in different ways and for different uses, so that we do not have to throw it away in a few years. The low loft bed Seaside is the perfect example, designed to meet two needs. It is a comfortable and safe bed where children can sleep sweet dreams at night, but in addition it provides an underlying space where children can invent many games and unleash their boundless imagination.

    The space under the loft bed can be used as a space to play, as a storage room for games or as a makeshift bed with a mattress for the friends who stay for the night. The height is obviously designed for a maximum intimacy between parents and children.

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  • The design is a classic Scandinavian style, made of high-quality wood. Solid and durable, this loft bed can be completed with special curtains which will make it even more fun and enjoyable. Oliver Furniture creates accessories for the home dedicated to adults and children, combining the clean design of the typical Scandinavian style with the more classic elegance, to bring into your home a light, tasteful, and very functional style.

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