white round cot White round cot

The durability of iron cannot be beat. With a wrought or cast iron baby crib, you can get heirloom quality combined with a timeless appeal.

white round cot White round cot

So, it is easy to get that vintage look, which is so popular, in a brand new piece, that meets or exceeds current safety standards. While it may be tempting to use an antique crib because the look is so gorgeous, never, ever do that. Antique cribs do not meet any of the latest safety standards as outlined by the United States Safety Commission and could be lethal to your baby.

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So many new parents assume that iron cribs are either unsafe of not as safe as wooden cribs. As makers of the most gorgeous iron baby cribs in the world, Bratt Decor gets this question all the time. If you are buying a brand new crib, by law, all cribs must adhere to the most current safety standards as set forth by the U. There is absolutely no difference as far as safety is concerned, between a brand new wood crib or a brand new iron crib.

This cot has an adjustable side Drop Side. If you get really stressed, ask your health visitor to put you in touch with a sleep clinic. Teething rails prevent the cot rail from fraying, denting or releasing any small particles that could harm a baby.

Older model and used cribs, regardless of their construction materials, may no longer meet safety standards, and may have been compromised in their integrity with usage and storage.

We always recommend, if nowhere else, buy new when it comes to your crib. After all, this is the place where your baby will spend the most amount of time without your eyes on them.

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  • People fear that because metal is a harder substance than wood, that their child may be at greater risk for injury. But, this simply has no merit. Under normal usage of a brand new crib, weather it is manufactured with metal or wood, there is difference in risk of injury. If a child hits his mouth hard on a wooden crib or a metal crib, he will, in all likelihood, experience the same busted lip.

    Also, iron cribs tend to have rounded edges rather than a straight edge which is often found on wooden cribs. There are differences however, between wood and iron cribs. For instance, wood is an organic material, that changes over time. Real wood responds to the moisture in the air, and can expand and contract depending upon how much moisture is in the wood, causing cracking. Also, wood, if not properly stored, breaks down much faster. Wood is more prone to chipping and is a softer material.

    Iron, on the other hand, if properly sealed, will not change over time, is far more resistant to environmental factors, and will generally retain its shape and construction far better over time.

    The gentle rocking motion really helps www. The best thing about it is the fact that it can become a bassinet and morph into a crib whenever needed.

    All of our iron cribs are powder coated and sealed to resist chipping, rusting, and changes. The finish is silky smooth.

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  • So, when choosing between wood and iron, choose the for the look, the size, the price tag, all of which vary, but be assured, there is no unsafe choice. Every crib we designmeets or exceeds all current U. We pride ourselves on being proactive in safety design, going above and beyond what is required, to ensure that your child will sleep safely in their Bratt Decor crib. The beauty of an iron crib is undeniable.

    The design aesthetic you can achieve when you bend iron is unlike any other. The lyricism of bent wrought iron is fluid and airy, while the grandeur of cast wrought iron offers a style and solidity. There is so much you can do, design wise with an iron crib, because it is so flexible in its ability to change its look. The shape and color read modern with an unexpected beauty hidden with the lyrical lines throughout. Or, try the gorgeous Joy iron baby crib, which boasts a very geometric design component in its circular castings.

    If you want the maximum in convertibility, look no further than the beautiful Parisian iron baby bed. This gorgeous crib can be set up in 9 different configurations: Be sure and by your toddler or conversion kit at the time you purchase your crib.

    The premier iron baby bed is the perfect interpretation of an antique French design. This iron crib has been in our line since and was chosen by Jennifer Lopez when she was designing the nursery for her twins.

    It is beautiful, timeless and will never go out of style. The silver and gold shimmers and shines throughout the piece. For a simpler look, opt for a distressed white finish.

    Slight distressing makes normal wear and tear invisible, and will always look beautiful. When storing your iron baby crib for future use, be sure to do so in an environment that is not excessively humid. Water can rust even the hardest of metal finishes. If properly taken care of your iron crib will last a lifetime.



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