cot bed white and oak Cot bed white and oak

By Maxine Clayman In a nutshell A luxurious, chic and substantial cot bed that will see your little one from birth to age four but isn't for those short on space. A British company based in Manchester, Izziwotnot prides itself on supplying luxury, high-quality nursery furniture and accessories at affordable prices. Any adhesives, paints or varnishes used are non-toxic and safe for babies and the environment. And to make life even easier for time-strapped mums and dads, all of their cot beds are intended to be as easy as possible to put together, with the essential parts already assembled.

And at nearly four months, my little boy Theo was well and truly ready to make the move out of his Moses basket and into a bigger bed. It does come in more traditional colours — white, oak or mahogany. But I was very excited to discover they also currently sell a limited edition soft grey, which is the one we went for.

Suitable from birth to 4 years, this is both a cot and a junior bed, and can then be transformed into a sofa. This cot bed would be a welcome addition to any nursery. Theo was clearly a huge fan of it too. On the first night in his new cot bed he slept through for the first time ever and has slept soundly in it ever since. Hopefully this will last!

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  • Cot bed flat packed with some parts assembled Screws 2 allen keys How quick is it to assemble? The cot bed took him about an hour to put up. It would have been quicker but he had trouble getting some of the screws in which he said slowed him right down.

    This meant he had to push a screwdriver into them and twist it round to break off the excess wood so they would fit. Do you have to assemble it in the room it will be used in or can it move around the house and through doorways when assembled? Does it have a drop-down side? How portable is it? Want the best products for a night with your baby away from home? How comfortable is it? Theo loved it though. He stretched out, fell flat out and slept right through the night, which was amazing.

    So clearly he found it extremely comfortable. What is it like on space?

    If you return your item due to a fault, where possible, a replacement item will be provided. So clearly he found it extremely comfortable. Our review This sleigh-style cot is made from a type of Australian wood called Araucaria, and is available in either a dark wood finish, or in sleek white.

    The cot bed is cm high by cm long by 77cm wide and fits a cm x 70cm mattress. This gives Theo plenty of room to sprawl out and he loves having all the extra space after being in a Moses basket. Can you use it as a co-sleeper? They do say that they can be used for two little ones in there together, if you have small siblings or twins though.

    What are the safety features like? One of the features I really like is that the cot has three adjustable base heights.

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  • You can put your little one on the highest setting until they can roll over Izziwotnot recommends until they are three months old and the second setting until they can pull themselves up Izziwotnot recommends until they are six months old. How does it compare to other cot beds you have used? Do you think price makes a difference to the quality? It was a tough act to follow but we were just as pleased with this one.

    Theo has never slept so well, which clearly is very important. And equally the limited edition grey colour is more unusual than that of most cot beds.

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  • It might not be the cheapest cot bed on the market but in this case you get what you pay for. You can tell just by looking at it that the Izziwotnot Bailey Sleigh cot bed is of a high quality and built to last.

    Is it easy to change from cot to bed? My other half said it was a doddle to convert the cot into a bed.

    cot bed white and oak Cot bed white and oak

    It took him less than five minutes. Confused about when to move from crib to cot, to bed? What do you think of the design? Did I mention how much I love the grown-up design of this cot bed? It manages to pull off classic and contemporary rolled into one. And its neutral shades mean it fits in nicely anywhere and is suitable for both boys and girls. Is it easy to clean? The instructions recommend cleaning it by wiping it with a damp cloth and drying it with a soft, dry cloth.

    We did also buy a waterproof mattress cover that should hopefully prevent the mattress and cot bed base getting stained. The step-by-step instructions were simple to follow and it comes with the base, ends and side rails pre-assembled.

    And, each of the nuts is already attached to the correct screw that you need to use to avoid any confusion. It took roughly an hour to assemble the cot and five minutes to transform it from a cot into a bed. Changing the height of the cot bed took a bit longer, around 20 minutes. Who would the cot bed be most useful for? Is it value for money? The Izziwotnot Bailey Sleigh cot bed sits somewhere in the middle.

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    Initially it might seem expensive but a good quality cot bed like this one is more of a long-term investment. Do you have to buy a lot of additional extras, which all add up or is everything included? Alternatively you can bag yourself a handy discount.

    Made For Mums verdict: The Izziwotnot Bailey Sleigh cot bed is a great value choice for style conscious parents who want nursery furniture that makes a statement and is built to last. We've got more on having a comfy night's sleep here:



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